Transform Your To Do List Into An Epic Adventure - Netted
Article • September 27, 2010

Transform Your To Do List Into An Epic Adventure

Make being organized as much fun as gaming with Epic Win

Checking items off your “to do” list is good. Being able to swing a (virtual) sword while you do so is great.

To spice up your daily routine, there’s EpicWin, an app that turns your to-do list into an exciting role-playing game full of adventure and treasure.

Download the iPhone app ($2.99), enter your name and pick an avatar (your alter ego can be anything from a warrior princess to a talking tree). Then add the tasks you have to accomplish for the day or week and designate them as a feat of strength, stamina, social, spirit or intellect.

If it’s an ongoing task like walking your dog or doing laundry, you can set it to repeat on your list. You can set a specific date as a task’s deadline or simply set it as “someday.”

As you check things off of your to-do list your character gains points, wins rewards and develops. Each completed task will move you further along the game-map, which is littered with special loot.

Now, go and slay dragons (and make dental appointment reminders).