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Article • September 28, 2010

Find the Perfect Recipes Just For You

Get recipe recommendations based on your personal tastes with Yummly

Recipes are fine when you know what you want to make.  But some of us aren’t that decisive.

To help cast a wider net, there’s Yummly, a website that uses your tastes and diet requirements to make personalized recipe recommendations.

Begin by setting up an account (or signing in with Facebook) and input some basic information about your food preferences. In addition to this, Yummly uses recipes, ingredients, cuisines, and ratings to determine your personal tastes and to recommend recipes.

Each recipe is scored based on its ingredients, which allows you to search for (or avoid) recipes based on ingredients, allergies, diet restrictions, or price.

Yummly also allows you to edit recipes and save them as your own, get recommendations for ingredient substitutions, see popular variations on dishes and add photos.

At least you can still use your copy of The Joy of Cooking as a cutting board.