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Article • September 30, 2010

Connect with Your Favorite Upcoming Musical Artists Online

Thesixtyone is a way to discover new music without leaving your house

There’s something special about discovering a new band. But if you’re anything like us, your days of scouring small music clubs are behind you.

To expand your musical horizons without the hassle, there’s Thesixtyone, a website that promotes lesser-known and unsigned artists by offering streaming music and cheap downloads.

To get the most out of the service, create an account and begin “liking” the tracks that suit your tastes (this allows for tailored recommendations based on what you’re into).

You can also let site DJ for you, picking songs at random. Or you can opt for playlists of songs sorted by most popular, the hottest tracks, by mood, or based on recommendations derived from the songs you’ve “liked.”

Thesixtyone allows musicians to make some money by offering direct downloads of many of the songs without label middleman (some are even free).

Consider it your daily dose of sticking it to the Man.