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Article • October 1, 2010

Listen Carefully

A Solution To All Those Bad Songs That Get Stuck In Your Head

It can strike anytime, anywhere: you’re walking down the street when you hear “Tik Tok” playing from someone’s car, and before you realize it, six hours have passed and you’ve had Ke$ha’s voice screeching inside your head.

To help change up your inner-playlist, there’s Unhear it, a website that aims to dislodge any song that may be stuck on replay in your head.

Simply visit the site and click play. An extremely catchy tune will begin playing in the hopes of finally getting that other less good song out of your head.

At first blush, you may question the site’s effectiveness. But when you’ve got Def Leppard stuck in your head and you pit “Pour Some Sugar On Me” against “Spanish Flea,” the latter will usually win.

Consider it a spa break for your head.