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Article • October 11, 2010

Card Sharp

A Unique Way To Learn For Those Short On Time And Effort

Learning new things is great.  But studying takes a lot of time and energy, which most of us don’t have these days.

For lazy students of life there’s Popling, a new app that provides the only useful popups on the planet—flashcards to help you learn while you go about your digital business.

To start, download the free application from Popling. From there, you can subscribe to any of 150 various topics. These include dozens of languages, math, the arts, geography, chemistry and many others.

Once you’ve chosen the topic you want to learn about, the application will display a small notification in the right hand corner of your display every few minutes, prompting you with a flash card.

Click on it to answer a question and then get back to whatever you were doing. If you’re too busy at that particular moment, ignore the popup and it will go away.

It’s like going back to school without all the library time.