Listen to a Playlist for Every Occasion - Netted
Article • October 12, 2010

Listen to a Playlist for Every Occasion is an music service with playlists to suit every situation
It’s Saturday night and the only job you were assigned for your roommate’s party was to make the playlist. But it slipped your mind and the “Fall Asleep Mix” on your iPod just won’t cut it.

For a last second save, try, a free music streaming service that plays tunes based on what you’re doing.

To start, simply type in what you’re doing in site’s search bar (you’re prompted with an “I am…” line). returns a list of playlists created by other users to suit the situation.

Whether you’re looking for quite background music for paying bills or something to start your Saturday night, has you covered.

Click on any list to see what songs it contains and to preview, share, or add individual tunes, to create your own playlist. (The site even lets you add songs to other users playlists to improve them).

Like other streaming sites, also allows users to search for tunes by artist, song, or looking at other user’s song lists.

Consider it a chance to give new life to the lost are of making a mix tape.