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Article • October 13, 2010

Get the Best Beauty Products Sent To You Monthly

Birchbox is a beauty site that will keep you looking good

While we can’t claim to have much direct experience, we’ve heard it told that buying makeup can be an overwhelming proposition.

To make things easier there’s BirchBox, a new beauty site that delivers a curated box of deluxe cosmetics samples each month.

To start you have to create an account and then pick a membership option (the yearly membership is $110, or you can join for $10 a month).

After that you’ll start to receive your monthly box, filled with everything from skincare to makeup to cult beauty tools.  They’re brand partners include leading names and smaller gems.

For those of our readers who don’t actually use makeup this still might be something that makes a nice gift.

If you find a sample you like you can buy regular, retail-sized versions on the site.  Or you can just enjoy the sample packs.

If only haircuts could be delivered by UPS.