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Article • October 14, 2010

Watch Your Favorite Videos from Any Year

YouTube Time Machine is a mashup that lets you watch YouTube videos by date

It goes without saying that YouTube has irrevocably altered the way we consume and create videos.  But in some cases there’s almost too much there there.

Enter YouTube Time Machine, a nifty little mash-up that allows you to view YouTube videos by year, endlessly indulging the deep need for nostalgia.

Simply visit the landing page and pick a year along the horizontal timeline.  A randomly selected video will display, and you’ll be given a chance to play more videos from that same year.

They have videos dating back to 1878 (though obviously the early stuff pre-dates the talkies) and the timeline extends out through the present.

You can select from a series of filters, which allow you to narrow your search to commercials, sports, music videos or movies.

The site is a wonder in simplicity and randomness, but we challenge you not to get lost in your favorite year.

Consider your morning less productive.