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Article • October 18, 2010

Schedule Emails to Be Sent Later

Customize your email send and delivery times with Boomerang
[Updated – 9/15/16]

Email can do many things that make your life easier. Unfortunately, getting the flow of messages to fit into your busy schedule isn’t one of them.

Luckily, there’s Boomerang, a service that allows you to schedule emails to meet your needs.

The program works for Gmail via a browser plug-in (Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Chrome are supported) and with a special download available for Outlook.

Boomerang allows you to schedule emails (great for correspondence to different time zones). It also allows you to receive emails at a later time or have them re-sent (helpful for reminders for meetings or important ticket information). Sign up for the Pro version ($14.99/month), and you’ll also get access to Respondable, an AI assistant that analyzes your emails and rates them for clarity, length, tone, and more, so you can write emails that people will actually respond to.

Think of it as a method for bending the otherwise-untenable space/time continuum.