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Article • October 22, 2010

Send a Classic Telegram Digitally

Telegram Stop sends a telegram for all of your messaging needs

Technology has brought us many marvels.  But that doesn’t mean its not nice to receive an analog form of communication every now and again.

For those moments when you want to send it like it’s 1899, try Telegram Stop, a service that lets you send a telegram the easy way (by using the Internet).

Just visit the site and follow the instructions. To wit: enter you message in the “type here” box.  Once you’re done you’ll see a preview of the telegram (they look suitably old-timey and even feature the word “-(STOP)-“ where the periods would be).

Once you’re ready you pay and send it off (it’s $6.95 per telegram or $3.85 if you decide to send two or more).  The service mails the telegram (and sends you a copy).

They work well for invites, save the dates and those messages to the local citizens of Deadwood.