Let It Rain - Netted
Article • October 28, 2010

Let It Rain

Put Your Google Contacts On Steroids

In days of yore, getting someone’s contact information was as easy as handing off a business card. Today, the task is not as simple.

Enter Rainmaker, a program that uses your social networks to populate your Google contact list with vital information.

Start by creating an account and granting access to your Google account and your social media networks. Rainmaker populates your Google Contacts with names, titles, organizations, photos and other information from your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn networks.

From there, you can search your contacts by name or company, and can easily access their social media accounts. Rainmaker even provides information about companies your contact works for, including everything from phone number and address to revenue and number of employees.

The program works by “making it rain” on contacts, which imports all of your contacts’ scattered information into your Google contacts (we realize the lexicon is a little ridiculous, but the product is profoundly helpful). Your information is constantly synced, which is great for mobile access.

A free version of the program allows you unlimited use and 25 free “raindrops” (or synced pieces of information), or you can opt for different packages that offer more “raindrops” starting from $9 per month.

Your old Rolodex is going to be so jealous.