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Article • November 2, 2010

Present Tense

Give Your Friends A Virtual Surprise Via Foursquare

The world is a rough place, so it’s nice to make somebody’s day every now and again.

For a new way to surprise your friends, try gifi, a mobile app that uses the digital payment system Venmo and Foursquare to let you leave location-based surprises.

To get started simply download the gifi app (you’ll need to be on both Venmo and Foursquare to use it, however).

Next, decide how much money you’d like to give to your friends and where you’d like to “leave” it. The service works for something as small as a latte at the local coffee shop to enough cash for a flat-screen TV.

Once you’ve left a gift for your friend, you wait for them to check-in to your chosen location via Foursquare. To speed up the process, you can send a “hint” about where the surprise might be.

When your friend checks in to wherever you’ve left their gift, they’ll receive a text message notifying them that you’ve left something at that location (they’ll need a Venmo account to receive the money).

From there they can make the purchase, greasing the wheels of the economy and enjoying a brief respite from the daily grind.

Making people happy just got a whole lot geekier.