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Article • November 3, 2010

Gadget Inspectors

Easily Resell or Recycle Your Electronics

This service is no longer available. For a similar service, check out iRecycle.

Collecting gadgets is something of a cruel mistress: everything is fine until a newer, flashier version comes along and makes you feel completely inadequate.

Instead of shedding tears all over your outdated gear, check out EcoSquid, a site that allows you to resell or recycle your used electronics for cash.

After filling in information about the item you’re looking to recycle, click the “Find Matching Offers” button. EcoSquid scours the web to locate all possible resale and recycling services that match your product.

After you pick the best offer, EcoSquid will take you to the requested site, where you’ll complete your transaction. (Even if your item is too old to be worth much cash, you can enjoy the warm feeling that accompanies making a donation).

It’s a win-win situation—you make some money and landfills are little less overburdened.

Consider it a victory against planned obsolescence.