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Article • November 4, 2010

Well Marked

A Tool To Help You Highlight Web Pages

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could highlight web sites, the way you do with printed text?

Enter Mark Up, a simple but effective browser add on that allows you to draw on any web page.

When you visit the site you’ll be instructed to drag the Mark Up icon to your browser.  Once it’s there you can use it engage with any page.

Just hit the button and the toolbox will appear in the top right-hand corner of the page.  From there you can add arrows, boxes, circles or straight lines, all of which can be used to highlight a particular aspect of a page.

You can also add a text note, which lets others know what it is you’re trying to point out. (This can be useful for things like creating a holiday gift list, hint hint.)

When you’re done with your mark up you can save the page, and then email it to the parties you want to inform. (The service creates a unique URL out of each page you save).

It’s almost like making signposts for the Internet.