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Article • November 8, 2010

Fashion Forward

Tap Into Your Inner Yves Saint Laurent

Fashion can be an intimidating business, what with all the cattiness and expensive barriers to entry.

Enter Garmz, a new service that allows everybody to become a fashion designer (and to buy items from undiscovered designers).

To get started you upload your designs.  (Garmz has tools to help you with your presentation).

The Garmz audience then votes on them.  Successful designs are eventually produced and distributed by Garmz, at no cost to the designer.

If you aren’t interested in designing clothes you might still enjoy voting on the work that others add.  (Think of it as your chance to be like Tim Gunn on Project Runway).

And, of course, there is an entire shopping aspect to the site, which gives you a chance to buy from up and coming designers first.

Consider it the anti-Gap.