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Article • November 24, 2010

Kvetch All

Air Your Grievances (And Hopefully Get Them Resolved)

All too often it feels like there’s nobody listening when we complain about bad service or shoddy workmanship

To help right the wrongs, we recommend Gripe, a service that uses online word-of-mouth power to help get your complaints heard and resolved

Download the free app (available for iPhone, iPod and Android phones) and sign in with your Twitter, Facebook or email account. Gripe uses your contacts and the people connected to your contacts to get your issues exposure.

Every time you post a gripe, use your mobile phone to show the establishment’s manager your electronic “gripe card” while airing your grievances in person. Even if you can’t stand confrontation, Gripe will contact the management via email to alert them of your bad experience and potentially rectify their mistake.

You can also give positive feedback (known as a “cheer”) for jobs well done, but that’s a lot less fun than bitching.