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Article • November 29, 2010

Let's Get Physical

Burn Calories And Reduce Stress, All From The Comfort Of Your Cubicle

Chances are you just spent the last four days eating too much, sitting on a couch and avoiding your relatives.

To get yourself back on the road to physical health, try Compactix, which offers a series of tools designed to help you exercise while sitting at your desk.

Why? Because performing light daily exercise in the workplace leads to better health and lower stress.

And you’ll intimidate the hell out of your co-workers (unless they laugh at you).

Their first product, the Deskmate, is a simple clamp-on device that allows you to exercise your arms while, say, listening in on conference call.

More than seventy-five million Americans sit at an office desk for 40 hours a week.  Isn’t it time you started using your workday to get some kind of benefits?