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Article • November 30, 2010

Game Changer

Location Based Social Networking With Built-In Rewards

When you were a kid, the entire world was your playground. Why should that change with age?

To get back in touch with your inner child, try SCVNGR, a new social network that combines location sharing and rewards for challenges you undertake.

Challenges include everything from taking photos and bumping phones with another user to creating tinfoil origami. For each one you successfully complete, you earn points that can win you real world rewards where applicable (such as a free coffee or discounted lunch).

Almost every place you visit is fair game, from cafes and restaurants to movie theaters and gyms. You can also create challenges for other users to complete.

Another great feature is “treks,” which are themed lists of places (think “New York’s Best Pizza” or “San Francisco’s Most Beautiful Views”). You can partake in lists created by other users, or make your own.

Think of it as foursquare meets Double Dare.