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Article • December 3, 2010

Time Bandits

Replace Your Alarm Clock With Apps That Speak To You

Getting up early is an unfortunate but necessary part of adult life.

To make the most of those groggy first few minutes of the day try Zazu, a mobile app that wakes you verbally, with information such as weather and news or your own email.

The app is fully customizable.  You choose the information you want to hear, from RSS feeds to social media streams to your calendar for the day.  Just set the alarm and instead of a chime you’ll hear a voice, telling you the top stories of the day.

As of now Zazu is only available on Android phones.  But iPhone users can try Tick Talk, a “robot butler” that wakes you with a similar reading of the news, the weather or your RSS feeds. (It even speaks with a robotic British voice, a la HAL).

Snoozing just got a whole lot more interesting.