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Article • December 8, 2010

Music Maker

Build And Stream Playlists Of Your Favorite Music

Anything in life can be made better with the backing of a perfectly constructed playlist.

To add a soundtrack to your life, check out, a free and easy way to build (and save) playlists of your favorite songs, allowing you to access them anywhere, anytime.

You can start using the service right away by searching for songs and adding them to a list.

However, we recommend creating an account so you’ll be able to save your playlists and take advantage of the site’s features (like collaborating with friends).

Proud of your work? You can easily share your playlists on Facebook and Twitter, making your music accessible from anywhere.

If you don’t feel like searching and building, or if you just need some inspiration, you can listen to popular playlists created by other users. You can also alter existing playlists, making them your own.

Finally, a healthy outlet for your list-making compulsion.