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Article • December 21, 2010

Investment Grade

Diversify Your Portfolio With Unbiased Investment Advice

Chances are you’re about to get a little holiday bonus (here’s hoping it’s a big one).  Assuming you have a little left over, it makes sense to invest it.  But where?

Enter Plantly, a new service that creates a diversified investment plan based on information you supply.

To start you need to register for the service.  You’ll be asked a series of questions, including how much money you have to invest and how long you can wait before you touch the investment.

Once you answer these questions you’ll pick a level of risk you’re comfortable with.  From there you’ll see a graph with their forecasts.

If you want this investment Plantly will then lay out the breakdown of the plan.

Plantly doesn’t execute the investments, so there are no fees and the advice is unbiased.  For our money it’s a great resource for gathering investment ideas that you can then run by your own financial planner.

Special For Netted Readers
Plantly is still in private beta but Netted readers can access the site via a special invite code. Just enter the code NETTED at the registration page.