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Article • December 28, 2010

Mirror Image

Get Peer-Reviewed Opinions About What You're Wearing
In a perfect world, every morning would involve waking up and quickly picking out the perfect outfit. Then, your live-in best friend Rachel Zoe would say “I dieeeee” as you confidently walk out the door.

But until Rachel decides to answer your friendly emails, we suggest using Fashism, a site where the wisdom of the crowds helps you decide what to wear.

Just upload a photo of your outfit, ask a few specific questions about it and then let others give you their opinion (along with a thumbs up or down).

Your photo will garner comments that can help you decide whether your outfit is “bananas” or if you should give it to Goodwill.

It’s also fun to comment on what others are wearing, since we all have opinions on such matters.

And if you’re anything like us, you can use it as a test run for all of the new clothing loot you just scored over the holidays.