Game Day - Netted
Article • December 29, 2010

Game Day

Turn Your Favorite Sporting Events Into A Game Of Wits

The armchair quarterback has long been a part of football fandom, but until now the only way to cash in on your deep knowledge of play calling was with illegal bets.

As we’ll soon be entering the NFL playoff season, allow us to recommend Pre Play Sports, a new and legal way to turn your love of predicting plays into sweet, sweet competition with your friends.

After you’ve downloaded the app and created an account, pick which game you’re watching (right now, the app is decked out for football season, but baseball is also covered).

Throughout the game, you’ll guess which play will come next. Will BenJarvus Green-Ellis run for a 10 yard gain? Will Mark Sanchez will throw another interception?

Predicting the correct plays will earn you points and catapult you to victory over your friends and other members of your betting pool.

You can compete in a league with friends or in a public league (many bars host parties, and the site makes it easy for you to organize your own).

You’ll know you’re emulating Bill Belichik too much when you start wearing sweatshirts with awkwardly short sleeves.