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Article • December 30, 2010

Transport Is Arranged

Hail A Cab With The Push Of A Button

It’s pouring rain, you just want to get home, and there isn’t a cab in sight. Oh, and it’s the worst night of the year to find a taxi (aka “New Year’s Eve”).

Instead of brawling with your fellow commuters, we recommend Flagdown, a mobile app that allows you to call for a cab with the push of a button.

Once you’ve downloaded the free app (for iPhone or Blackberry), you can use GPS to search for a local cab company and enter an address for your pickup spot.

If you’re travelling with an entourage, you can specify the number of passengers and exclude cash only companies.

From there, a request for pickup is sent to the cab company. If you’re cab is taking too long, you can use the app to call dispatcher to inquire or request another company entirely.

The app also allows you to store your preferred cab companies or common pickup spots (i.e. the office, your apartment, or your local Chuck E. Cheese’s). Right now, it’s available in a dozen cities nationwide, with new locales being added.

Never again will you be tormented by illuminated “Off Duty” signs. Unfortunately, dealing with cabbies who drive with a death wish is still your responsibility.