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Article • January 4, 2011

Get Instant Health Information About Your Favorite Foods

Put the healthiest things in your mouth with the help of Fooducate

The Netted team has wasted no time getting started on our list of New Year’s resolutions. But while we’re already well on our way to becoming hang-gliding experts and mastering fluency in Japanese, we’re finding that our decision to eat healthier is harder than we had anticipated.

To help in the 2011 resolution struggle, we’ve started using Fooducate, an iPhone and Android app that uses a built-in barcode scanner to help you make healthier eating choices.

Download the free app and start scanning the barcodes on food products you buy. Instantly, any bad ingredients and important information will be listed. For example, we found out that our favorite soda contains an ingredient that’s on the FDA’s toxicity watchlist. Tasty!

Not only does the app grade each food or drink on an “A to F” scale, but it also lets you compare products side by side and offers healthier alternatives to the products you’ve scanned.