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Article • January 7, 2011

Moving Merchandise

A Convenient Way To Sell Or Recycle Your Unwanted Devices

The United States alone discards more than two million tons of electronics a year. That’s a lot of Minidisc players, and it doesn’t even begin to address the old laptops, cell phones, and random cords spilling out of our junk drawers and threatening to take over our homes.

eBay is trying to help solve this problem with their Instant Sale program, a new way to sell electronics for cash or recycle them for free through their extensive network of electronics resellers.

Just sign in to eBay and search for the items you want to sell or recycle. The amount of cash offered is based on the item and what kind of condition it’s in, so it’s worth being honest here.

After confirming the offer (should you choose to accept it), they’ll send a box for free shipping and deposit the money into your PayPal account. Perfect for . . . more shopping on eBay!

Even if the item has no value, you can still earn karma points by sending your gadget to them free of charge so it can be recycled.

Last time we checked, eBay hadn’t started accepting karma points as legal tender, but there’s definitely value in freeing up storage space previously reserved for Beta-Max cassettes.