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Article • January 11, 2011

Find the Best Treatments for Any of Your Health Ailments

Track your health and learn about what may be ailing you with Cure Together

Visits to the doctor’s office have been known to actually cause headaches, resulting from exposure to outdated magazines, expensive co-pays, and harsh lighting.

Thankfully, CureTogether can help by allowing you to monitor and track your health by providing a trove of information on over 500 medical conditions.

When you sign up for a free account you’ll be prompted to list potential conditions you may be suffering from or to search for a specific ailment.

The site offers a comprehensive infographic for each malady, which includes available treatments and how effective each has been according to survey data collected from users. You can also create a database for test results and diagnoses, allowing you to easily see changes over time.

The true advantage, however, lies in its broad community, where you can privately message “members like you” who have reported similar conditions for treatment advice.

It’s not a cure for the common cold, but it’s a step in the right direction.

Note: Netted does not recommend foregoing doctors when you need medical attention.  CureTogether is a resource, not a medical provider.