Bring Your Own Graphic Novel to Life - Netted
Article • January 14, 2011

Bring Your Own Graphic Novel to Life

Create and publish your own graphic novels with Comic Master

The Netted retirement plan is to sell an ingenious comic book franchise to Michael Bay and watch our bank accounts explode. Too bad breaking into the glamorous, sexy world of comic books is harder than it looks.

Start a comic book nest egg with Comic Master, a free online comic creation tool that you can use from any browser.

The site is as much fun for imaginative kids as it is for adults who can’t draw whatsoever and would like to make their coworkers laugh. The entire process is simple and uses a selection of pre-drawn backgrounds, characters, and props that are dragged and dropped into the cells in whatever order you want.

Not worrying about drawing will leave you plenty of time to work on what is arguably the most important part – the dialogue and captions. Once you’re satisfied, you can print your comic or email it directly to Universal Studios.

We’ll settle for a producer’s credit when Jerry Bruckheimer decides to pick up your film.