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Article • January 18, 2011

Buy Local and Find the Best Deals in Your Area

Shop location-based classifieds on Krrb
Garage sales can range anywhere from “OMG, gross” to “fetch my flatbed truck, Jeeves! I’ll take it all!” We’re not against trolling neighborhoods on foot for these deals, but we have to admit the Internet makes it much easier.

Become a local deal hunter with Krrb, a location-based social marketplace that allows you to find, sell, and swap interesting items, all in a simple photo-based interface.

We really like the unique approach to “reality” taken on the site. Krrb incentivizes using your real information through feedback, seller verification and listing requirements, cutting down on the “stranger in an alley” anxiety that sometimes comes with meeting people from the Internet.

You can see what your neighbors have put up for sale or trade by using the “radius slider” to tweak the size of your search area, depending on how ambitious you feel or how far your butler can carry a sofa on his back.

To add a measure of security you can communicate via the site and locations are listed as street corners (not exact addresses).

It also doesn’t hurt that Krrb is easy on the eyes. Especially compared to Craigslist’s “HTML For Dummies” design motif.