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Article • January 20, 2011

Track Amazon Prices for the Best Deals

Get alerts about Amazon price drops and shop smarter with Chintzee

Much like the thousands of Zodiac tattoos that are now incorrect, assuming that some things never change can cause problems. The same approach should be taken to product prices on Amazon, where one day can make a huge difference.

To beat the system try Chintzee, a service that allows you to monitor Amazon price changes and receive alerts when prices goes down.

Monitoring the price of a specific product is as easy as searching for it on the site (either by name, Amazon URL or Amazon ID number).

Once you find what you’re looking for hit the “Watch” button and then choose to be alerted about price drops either by email or Twitter DM (or you can scope out each item’s price history).

You may also end up finding deals you didn’t realize you were looking for, as the site lists each day’s top price drops.

Unfortunately, the price of tattoo removal seems to be way more consistent than the prices of Amazon items.