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Article • January 21, 2011

Hire Other People to Complete Your To-Do List

A team of personal assistants awaits you on Fancy Hands

Ever since things didn’t quite work out with our last personal assistant (we specifically stated that our coffee was to be served at 98 degrees!), we’ve found that our daily tasks are piling up very quickly.

Our savior has come in the form of Fancy Hands, a service that offers to complete the items on your to do list for you.

Firing off an email to the fine people at Fancy Hands will get your task taken care of by a real person, whether it’s booking a hotel, making restaurant reservations, getting the status on a package or finding the closest store with iPads in stock.

Go ahead and give them your best shot. We’ve even seen them evaluate fantasy baseball rosters, complete with commentary on hilarious player names.

Speaking of great names, we’re tempted to recommend the service based on the fact that it’s called Fancy Hands alone.