Push It Good - Netted
Article • January 25, 2011

Push It Good

A Page Of Buttons That Make It Super Easy To Use The Internet

The Netted Team is accustomed to constant emails from our less web-savvy relatives asking for help online. With each cry for help written in all-caps 24-point Comic Sans, we find ourselves wishing we could do more.

We recommend Internet Buttons to make the Internet foolproof for anyone. Use the site to take charge of someone else’s homepage with enormous (and we mean enormous) buttons linking directly to the most valuable sites.

We suggest setting up the larger buttons to link to the really important stuff, such as email or a search engine. Beyond that, you can add links to the news, weather, bus schedules, or – if you’re feeling completely shameless – your own blog.

The best part? Each page comes complete with your photo, phone number and a message, in case your loved one still feels confused.

Because we heard you like Internet, so Internet Buttons put buttons in your Internet so you can Internet with your buttons. Or something.