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Article • January 26, 2011

Freedom of Information

Easily Share Documents Over Twitter
It’s no secret the Netted crew are Twitter addicts. And while we enjoy Kanye’s stream-of-consciousness as much as anyone, it’s always nice to see the service used in a useful way.

TwileShare makes Twitter even more useful by letting you share documents directly through Twitter.

The service is fairly straightforward: think TwitPic, but instead of just pictures, you can also share documents, PDFs, ebooks and more with your Twitter followers. It’s like playing WikiLeaks, the home version!

Odds are we’ll be spreading more chili recipes than state secrets, but we’re sure that both you and your followers will appreciate Twileshare’s potential.

Besides, secret offices carved into a Swedish mountainside must cost a fortune to heat.

Deal For Netted Readers:

Even though TwileShare is in private beta, you can still access the service by clicking here and allowing access to your Twitter account. Early adopters FTW!