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Article • January 28, 2011

Keep Everyone in the Loop with the Best Group Chat

Send effortless group text messages with GroupMe

When we tried to organize our Annual Indoor Fireworks Party with a group of friends via text message, the results were nothing short of disastrous. Silver lining? Waiting for the arson charges to be dropped has given us plenty of time to improve our texting efficiency.

We found the solution in GroupMe, a free service that allows you to effortlessly group text with the people in your life.

Each group is assigned a unique phone number that you can store to your contacts for permanent access and constant communication. Inviting members to groups is as easy as sending a text.

The service is perfect for planning short term things like Super Bowl parties, or coordinating long term projects like robbing Fort Knox. And did we mention that it’s completely free?

After all, SMS stands for “send messages and stuff,” so we think this brings the technology to its full potential.