Secret Society - Netted
Article • January 31, 2011

Secret Society

Create Private Online Social Networks

The Netted team are die hard Bond fans, and it’s always been our desire to be part of an awesome secret society like SPECTRE or Quantum – maybe with less treason and murder.

For those of you desperate to form your own secret society, The Fridge offers the ability to create private social networks free from the prying eyes of the Internet.

The Fridge is similar to Facebook in how easy it is to join and share information with a group of friends, but it was built as a gut reaction to Facebook’s loose privacy definitions. If you don’t invite people into The Fridge with you, they won’t see anything you’ve shared.

Never again will you have to worry about getting caught participating in illicit activities a la The Facebook Fairy. Whether that includes keeping Grandma from seeing those spring break photos or masterminding the theft of a nuclear missile from a British bomber, rest assured that your Internet secrets are safe with The Fridge.