Special Delivery - Netted
Article • February 1, 2011

Special Delivery

Send A Gift To A Complete Stranger
As a child, your mother made sure that you never accepted candy or gifts from strangers. Good call, Mom.  But what if you were the stranger, and you could use the power of gifts for good instead of evil?

Make someone’s day brighter with Gift A Stranger, which makes it easy to send some lucky person a gift of your choosing.

All you need to supply is your first name, your general location, a picture of the gift you’re sending, and the willingness to make someone’s day.

After the random address has been generated, all that’s left to do is drop the gift in the mail. The entire process is anonymous on both ends.

A novel idea, for sure, but it’s one we can get behind. We also think that the lucky person in Portland who gets the awesome hat we sent them will totally love it.