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Article • February 4, 2011

Buy and Sell Your Outdoor Gear

Get great discounts on outdoor gear with GearTrade

This probably comes as as much of a shock to you as did to us, but there’s a lot of stuff to do outdoors that doesn’t involve the Internet. Equally shocking is the fact that some of the greatest outdoor activities involve expensive equipment.

We started taking advantage of this strange, outdoor world by outfitting ourselves with some help from GearTrade, which can provide affordable options for our newly active lifestyle needs.

GearTrade lets you both buy and sell new and used outdoor gear. The site is super easy to search, and every item includes tech specs, item condition and the ability to ask the seller for clarification.

And since we’re trying to pry ourselves from the computer, the new GearTrade mobile app has made using the site outdoors as easy as ever.

Finally, a place where we can get those new snowbunny onesies and collapsable camping chairs we’ve been looking for.