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Article • February 8, 2011

Short Cuts

Discover the Best Shopping Deals
While shopping for a fake beard and top hat combo for our annual Presidents’ Day slumber party, we realized that the pressure to find the best price in a sea of retailers was actually making the process a little stressful. Our founding fathers never would have wanted this for us!
We started avoiding buyer’s remorse by using, a browser plug-in that allows you to view and compare prices with a single click.
After installing the plug-in, pricing information for every product you search will be available by clicking a small icon. It’s compatible with most websites and searches thousands more to find the lowest prices and even special discounts and coupons.Besides finding the best prices, is also a URL shortener allowing you to easily share your new favorite deal with friends.

The only way to get a better deal would be to steal the stuff, which we stopped recommending to people a long time ago (Winona Ryder still hasn’t returned our apology letters).