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Article • February 10, 2011

Instantly Talk with Friends and Family for Free

Send free instant voice messages with HeyTell

We can’t wait until our phones are finally the size of our watches, but we’re even more excited there’s already an app that pretty much turns your Android or iPhone into a walkie talkie. It makes us feel like modern Dick Tracies.

To bring out your inner (thrifty) detective, try downloading HeyTell for iPhone, Android, or Windows. The app allows you to contact multiple people at once, without depleting your voice minutes or SMS plan.

It’s as simple as pushing a button (that’s why they call it push to talk). You’ll be connected to your cohorts directly through the app. Even if your friends haven’t downloaded the app yet, inviting them is as easy as pushing a button.

This is also the opportunity to start saying “over” at the end of every communication with your friends, although we can’t guarantee that they won’t stop speaking to you as a result.