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Article • February 11, 2011

Get a Call From a Prankster Turtle

Surprise friends with a prank call from Turtlecalls
Take it from us when we say there’s a lot – and we mean a lot – of weird stuff on the Internet. But there are times when even we, the seasoned experts of Netted, are so impressed by such a perfect combination of bizarre, useful and unique that we feel it is our duty to pass it along to our readers.

Such are our feelings on Turtlecalls, a service that combines the greatness of turtles and prank calls. For as little as $2, they will reach out to your friends for two minutes of conversation or a voicemail from a man imitating a turtle.

Absurd? Absolutely, especially when you consider the option to have your friend contacted by a turtle pretending to be Don Cheadle. But what fun would the Internet be if you couldn’t use it to laugh like crazy every once in a while?

And if your inbox starts filling up with messages from someone claiming to be the star of Iron Man 2, just know that it wasn’t us.