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Article • February 15, 2011

Loan Zone

Make Microloans to Help Students Graduate

While most Americans suffer through repaying student loans by living off of ramen noodles, students outside the US frequently have to deal with an even more serious problem: not being able to get a loan at all.

Vittana refines the microlending trend to fund tuition for students in need. Consider it “student microloans,” where donations start at just $25.

Students listed on Vittana are generally already in school and frequently have a job lined up, but just need help paying for the degree. Once they graduate, Vittana has made it easy for them to repay their loan at their own pace by coordinating with local microfinance organizations.

Of course, larger donations are always welcome, and every cent donated goes directly to the student of your choosing.

A college degree has never been a license to print money, but at least now for these students, it’s a license for a better life.