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Article • February 17, 2011

Customize Your File Transfers for Free

Send up to 2GB of files at a time with WeTransfer

When Al Gore built the Internet with his bare hands and some rusty cables he found by the docks, he knew he was going to have to build it for growth and for sharing. All these years later, the once and future Vice President was right.

WeTransfer lets us stand tall on the wings of Mr. Gore’s shared dream by giving us the easiest way we’ve ever seen to share large files, documents, images and videos with up to twenty people at once.

Sending large files no longer requires schlepping a thumbdrive to someone: just upload and include the email addresses of the intended recipients. There are no extra software downloads, email struggles, or spammy websites involved.

The service is scot-free, but professional-types can also buy a paid subscription (with a Netted discount) to spruce up the appearance of their page. If transferring files by email was the U-Haul van of the Internet, then this is a caravan of Cadillac 18-wheelers.

WeTransfer has totally revolutionized the Netted offices – now all we have to do is figure out what to do with our mountain of floppy disks.

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