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Article • February 18, 2011

Access the Most Exclusive Wines for Free

Ship discount fine wines right to your door with InVino

Although he’s primarily remembered for his contributions to heliocentric cosmology, it turns out Copernicus was mostly famous in his own time for throwing really great parties with delicious wine.

Were he alive today, Copernicus would’ve been floored by InVino. They specialize in a whole world of quality wines that would normally break the bank, selling bottles at discounts of up to 80%.

Think of it as a Groupon for top notch vino. Each bottle is described in extensive detail and InVino constantly updates the sale duration (and some bottles even include free shipping).

Though the site is exclusive, both invitations and gift cards are available and every invitee that makes a purchase earns you a $20 credit.

Just know that while downing your delicious and decadent discount wine, it is perfectly all right to feel like the center of the universe.

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