Total Recall - Netted
Article • February 21, 2011

Total Recall

Chronologically Organize Your Digital Life and Tell Stories

In accordance with the moon cycles ascribed to charting all things hip, scrapbooking is quickly becoming cooler than tight jeans and the band that was the Grammys’ dark horse, The Suburbans.

Get out there, grab the Internet by the mustache and check out Memolane, a site that gathers information from all of your favorite social media sites and presents it in a neat time line.

It syncs up with Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, your favorite Fire in the Arcade blog’s RSS feed and more. Memolane lets you take a look back on it all, all at once.

Posts can also be earmarked and strung together to craft a miniature narrative within your time line. It’s a digital scrapbook!

So boot up your Apple Lisa, rub your lucky chest tat and start ‘booking!

Special deal for Netted Subscribers:

Memolane is still in beta, but enter the “netted” invite code when registering here and get started before everyone thinks it’s cool.