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Article • February 22, 2011

Search Over 2 Million Recipes for The Best Meals

Visit a well stocked and beautifully designed recipe resource on Foodily

The Netted team has been making an effort recently to step up our culinary game from hotdog infused mac & cheese to something a little less… gross.

We’ve spent the last few days falling in love with Foodily, a beautifully designed and deeply intuitive recipe search engine.

Of course, there are recipes for everything from pound cake to Pad Thai pulled from top chefs and recipe sites. What’s special here is that every ingredient is known, making it possible to avoid anything specific.

Foodily makes it dead easy to find what you want (or what you never knew you wanted). Even typing in “sriracha” yielded some amazing new uses for our favorite hot sauce.

To put it bluntly, this is a game changer for us. We would come up with something witty to sign off with, but we’re way too busy drooling over this raspberry trifle we’re going to make tonight.