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Article • February 23, 2011

Where It’s At

A Fast and Easy Way to Search Your Entire Digital Life

Lately, it feels like our digital lives have grown so fast that the sites we depend upon are becoming impossible to organize. What was once simple now feels like a perilous dimension of lost information… Kind of like TRON, but without the awesome glowing motorcycles.

Luckily, with the help of Greplin, you can search for information across streams from Facebook, Dropbox, Gmail, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Docs and more, all at once.

Having a one-stop option to find that contact’s information, that event invite or that email attachment from a month ago is nothing short of a lifesaver.

Greplin uses a Google-style instant search, and will rope in the information you’re looking for with Jeff Bridges-style lightning speed.

By creating searchable indexes for your entire cloud, deleting anything will become a thing of the past. Greplin has finally made it OK to be an Internet hoarder, which means soon we will all be reality show stars.