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Article • February 24, 2011

Fond Memories

Three Ways To Harness The Power of Nostalgia Via Social Media

We wish someone had told us that driving our DeLorean at 88 MPH wouldn’t allow us to go back in time. It would’ve spared us a lot of time, energy, and the $150 we spent on that “authentic” flux capacitor we found on craigslist. Fortunately for us, our old standby “the Internet” has provided a few options to help us revisit days gone by.

4squaredand7yearsago lets you step back in time with a daily email showing you your foursquare check-ins from the same day last year. Considering the places we’ve checked into (hello, Stephen Colbert rally), the nostalgia potential is limitless.

Last Night’s Check-ins is perfect if you often forget where you’ve been and suddenly materialize in pictures online.  Every day, you’ll receive an email detailing your previous night’s locations, which you can annotate and store on the site like a GPS enabled diary.

Photojojo’s Time Capsule lets you reminisce without foursquare. Using your Flickr account, pictures from the previous year will be sent to you in a bimonthly email. It’s excellent for remembering the night you helped Chuck Berry invent rock ‘n’ roll at the school dance.

With reliving the past covered, we’re going back to demanding that President Obama fund hoverboard research.