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Article • March 1, 2011

See How All of Your Favorite Music is Linked

Investigate bands with an intuitive web of music with Discovr

Finding new music is a bit like shopping at T.J. Marshall’s Basement Maxx. Sure, there are things you’ll actually like, but you have to dig through last season’s lycra to get to the good stuff.

Discovr for the iPad eliminates the junk by creating a web of artists related through similar styles, band members or collaborations, based on things you already like. TuneGlue offers a similar web-based experience by using Last.Fm play counts and Amazon purchases to suggest new bands or artists.

Exploring harkens back to the days when we first discovered IMDB or Wikipedia, except now information is displayed as an ever-growing spider web of new music. The hours slip away while we simply sit and click.

Discovr’s design is slick and intuitive, quickly bringing up biographies, blogs and videos for quick listening. TuneGlue can easily fill you in on news and artist discographies, and makes it easy to buy albums on Amazon.

With the help of Discovr, music discovery is more “Sample Sale” and less “Yard Sale.”