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Article • March 4, 2011

Flight Club

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In an effort to save money on travel, we began booking trips to places that we thought sounded nice. And while Rome, NY is a very nice town, it’s somewhat lacking when compared to its Italian counterpart. Now, we rely upon the input of industry experts.

SniqueAway is part of the colossal TripAdvisor family and an invite-only network specializing in four- and five-star rated accommodations. We’re providing you with special early access to their outstanding travel deals.

All the details you’ll need for a fabulous vacation are at your fingertips thanks to a weekly email. Everything from high-end weekends in Charleston to bunking up in a Moroccan oasis is offered.

As always, with TripAdvisor’s expertise, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting when you book thanks to reviews and exhaustive research.

And no matter what your friends may tell you, Paris, Texas bears little to no resemblance to the French city that shares its name.

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