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Article • March 7, 2011

Performance Schedule

Generate A Personalized Concert Calendar Based On Your iTunes Library

The hardest part about our love for Bieber isn’t camping out for tickets for days or going hoarse after screaming for hours: it’s not even realizing he’s going to be in town.

iConcertCal makes missing a concert (Bieber or otherwise) almost impossible by monitoring your iTunes library and alerting you when the artists you listen to schedule shows in your town.

Not only is personal convenience at an all-time high, but your newly minted schedule of musical excellence can also be exported to your personal iCal or to your friends’. The newest version even tracks album releases, so sharing hot new tracks is almost too easy.

Apps are available for your iPhone or Android device to keep you up-to-date when you’re on the go.

Though J.Biebs only has two albums out right now, the chances that he could either drop his next “Baby” or perform nearby are rapidly increasing. We’ve got a fever, and the only cure is more Bieber.